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The B2 Chip Integration Tool (CIT) is a full-featured development aid for POS software developers working with Chip & PIN contact and contactless-capable PINPads. Providing complete insight into how EMV transactions are processed, the B2 CIT speeds up your development by providing you with a PINPad trace, a Payment Host trace, a detailed Event Log, Data Element and EMV Tag list and a Receipt Viewer.

The tool supports the full range of transaction types for Magstripe, EMV Contact and Contactless as well as PINPad operations (EMV initialization, PIN Change & Get Serial Number) and Host Admin operations (Key Exchange, Parameter Download & Host Settlement).

CIT’s simple interface presents all the relevant transaction information.

Bringing together the most difficult aspects of EMV contact and contactless software development on the POS, the B2 CIT is an extremely valuable tool for POS developers integrating new PINPads or interfacing to new Payment Hosts. The B2 CIT is also a terrific training tool for technical staff designing, developing or testing EMV projects.

The B2 CIT will shave months off your integration project by removing the uncertainty and risk that comes along with EMV contact and contactless projects.